Mosquitoes can be irritating to have around your property and their bites painful. They can also breed serious diseases like Dengue Fever and Ross Rover Virus.  

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There are number of things that you can do around your home to detract mosquitoes from your home or business, they include:

  • Remove any items (if possible) that collect and retain stagnant water around the property.
  • Keep windows and doors closed after dark or install mesh screens.
  • The use of natural repellents such as citronella and essentials oils.
  • Include fish that feed off mosquito larvae in any ponds.
  • Regular property maintenance and removal of attractants, which can be discussed with your pest controller.

The Professionals Pest Controllers works in a number of ways to treat mosquitoes at your property, our targeted treatments include barrier methods involving the distribution of a residual chemical around your property as well as, professional advice from our extensive knowledge and experience on measures to be taken to control mosquitoes at your property.

The Professionals Pest Controllers can work with you on the best mosquito treatment plan for your home or business. Call us today on +61 (2) 9979 5048 or contact us online to discuss the treatment options available.