Ticks are a very common problem for residents of Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore with the Peninsular being one of the most prevalent areas for ticks.

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Ticks are active for most of the year and thrive in periods following high humidity or rain. Both pets and people are at risk of tick bites and between October and January it is recommended you check daily for ticks.

It is important to be tick aware, in addition to a chemical treatment it is important that non-chemical measures are also undertaken which will form an important part of the treatment programme developed by The Professionals Pest Controllers as well as, understanding the correct procedure for tick removal.

There are many risks associated with tick infestations which include allergic reactions and paralysis as well as, Lyme disease. If you suspect any of these may be present from a tick bite you should contact a medical professional or call 000 if the case is life-threatening.

In most cases, properties on the Northern Beaches of Sydney will require a more long term, safe and effective tick treatment solution which can only be managed in conjunction with a qualified pest technician.

Our knowledge and experience in the local areas means that you can rely on us to provide you with treatment option to protect your home against ticks.

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