Wood Borer

If you don’t have specialist Wood Borer control the larvae can seriously weaken the timbers in a building.

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Wood Borer

Australia is home to numerous types of borers, and as the name suggests the term covers all types of wood boring beetles in fact, borers are actually the larval form of different families of beetles. Some of them are serious and others not, so it is important to have them inspected by a qualified pest controller to determine the best course of action.

All untreated wood is exposed to borer, if you suspect that these pests are present at your property then it’s advised to call in the services of a qualified pest controller. By weakening the timber in a structure their effect can cause significant financial and structural damage.

Many people don’t realise they have a borer issue until there is a borer problem. Wood borders feed on wood and wood products. Some signs wood borers are present are include: small holes which are left behind in the timber, gritty dust and spongy floorboards.

Infested and damaged timbers in most cases, require treatment from a qualified pest technician.

The Professionals Pest Controllers are highly skilled and trained in all areas of Wood Borer surveying. We carry out a thorough inspection to determine the level of infestation, type of borer and treatment required.  

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