Fleas are a common problem for people that have pets or work with animals. However, they can also live and breed in a pet free environment.

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Fleas are an external parasite and often run rampant in the warmer months. Their biggest concern to a home or business is the bite, irritation and sometime allergic reaction they can cause as well as, creating health issues for you and your pet.

You can normally see fleas on the coat of your pet, in their bedding or within carpet. They are small and reddish-brown in colour.

A successful treatment requires treatment of your pets with a recommendation and treatment plan from your vet and of your property at the same time, by a qualified pest technician.

The Professionals Pest Control also works very closely with real estate agents on end of lease treatments, without effective pest control fleas are very hard to eliminate and most rental properties will require tenants to complete and end of lease treatment in order to get a bond back.

The Professionals Pest Controllers will work with you so that you can complement your flea treatment with non-chemical prevention tips such as regular vacuuming and high-temperature washing of all pet bedding.

Our service is effective as well as, being family and pet-friendly.

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