Rats & Mice

Rodent control is very important to your home and business.

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Rats & Mice

Rats are known to transmit a number of serious diseases. They can be destructive to your home and business causing financial loss and health risks.

Rodent eradication should be a priority in your home or business:

  • Rats can contaminate stored food;
  • In a business environment, their contamination can close down and destroy a company’s reputation.
  • Rats can transmit diseases;
  • Rats can attract snakes;
  • Rats can chew on your homes insulation, chew through floor and roof joists, even walls;
  • They can also cause fires by chewing through you electrical cables.

There are a number of tell tail signs that you may have a rodent problem, they include rat droppings, scratching noises, rat footprints, nets or burrows and a smell are just some of these.

Due to the damage rats can cause, it’s recommended that you get in touch a qualified and experienced pest technician. The Professionals Pest Controllers will work you to develop a plan to eliminate rodents from your property, the treatment includes the use of a secure baiting system that is strategically placed and monitored around the home or business as well as, educating clients on activities that can be implemented to deter rats from the property.

A rodent treatment is effective and safe to use around your property. If you have seen signs of rodents, call us today on +61 (2) 9979 5048 or contact us online to so that we can talk to you about rodent control.