Bed Bugs

Whether it’s your home or hotel, bed bugs are unwanted and unhealthy.

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Bed Bugs

In Australia, bed bugs are commonly found in hotel accommodation where there is a high turnover of tourists. What people don’t realise is that bed bugs can also be transported with you home in your luggage and clothing, they can also be found in offices, hospitals, store and gyms.

Bed bugs are small and brown to red in colour and feed on human blood. Most infestations are focused around where people sleep however, they can be transferred to other environments. A common signs that bed bugs may be present is finding small blood spots on bed sheets, seeing the bed bugs and bites. Bed bugs can be found in mattresses, soft furnishings, cracks and crevices and even behind picture frames.

Whether it’s your home or hotel, bed bugs are unwanted and unhealthy. Bed bugs are a health issue which need immediate treatment in both residential and commercial properties, they can be an ongoing problem and in hospitality cases can damage your reputation if not controlled by an experienced pest technician.


Our technicians are trained and highly skilled in all areas of bed bug management as well as, being respectful to you and your business – we understand the level of discretion required when treating your property for bed bugs.

Effective and safe control can only be managed through a partnership approach between our business and you. Our service for bed bugs starts and ends with communication between us and our clients, for our treatments to be effective we focus on educating as well as treating.

Thorough inspections, area assessment, education and training, application of residual treatment and regular monitoring and follow up are all a part of our bed bug treatment. We believe that together with non-chemical strategies, these are the best ways of treating your property. Our approach is highly targeted and customised to your needs. It is process driven, and regular inspections and treatments are required for all bed bug treatments.

Eradicating bedbugs relies on a partnership between ourselves and the client, non-chemical treatments which are very much a part of the effective management programme, some of which are outlined below however, if you think you have a bed bug problem these should not be carried until you have spoken to a qualified pest controller:

  • Thorough inspections;
  • Professional washing off all bed lined, curtains and other soft furnishings in the area affected;
  • Vacating of the room or area being treated until further notice from our technicians which is normally, after all treatments have been completed and bed bugs eradicated;
  • Training cleaning staff to effectively inspect all soft furnishings and furniture;
  • Remove all clutter from rooms which beg bugs could harbour in;
  • Staff education and training.

If you feel you may have bed bugs present, call us today on +61 (2) 9979 5048 or contact us online to so that we can talk to you about bed bug control.