Australia is home to thousands of spider species, some of which are very dangerous to people and pets.

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Webbing spiders or common house spiders like to hide in warm, dark concealed spots –  you will generally find these in cracks and crevices, subfloors, roof voids and wall cracks. General house spider treatments often take place if people are seeing a lot of them and become concerned and scared, their webbing is becoming a nuisance around the property or they are treated as part of general spray.

Funnel web spiders are ground dwellers and their treatment differs from webbing and common house spiders. If you find or suspect you have Funnel Web spiders at your property, you should call in the services of a qualified pest controller, these species can be dangerous to the health of you and your animals. This also applies to Red Back spiders.

The Professionals Pest Controllers are experts in all areas of spider control and breading habits, we will work with you to effectively treat our property for peace of mind as well as, removal of infestations.

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