Silverfish thrive in most climates, and love dark, humid areas such as cupboards, basements and bathrooms.

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They can be irritating and most of all quite destructive if they present themselves in large numbers.

Small and slivery-blue in colour, silverfish are commonly found in boxes and sheds, they can cause extensive damage to photos, books, eat through wall paper and household items containing that contain starch or cellulose.

The Professionals Pest Controllers offer targeted and effective solutions for the treatment of silverfish. Our general spray treatment covers silverfish protection to an extent however, an infestation requires a direct treatment and action plan to the silverfish and their harbourage, which is specifically designed for eradicating silverfish.

A silverfish infestation in a business environment can be a serious issue.  The Professionals Pest Controllers are experts when it comes to commercial pest management, they’ll work with you on a tailored, effective and discreet treatment plan.

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